Online Registration: Agreement

The 7th Asian Zoo Educators Conference 2019, Chiangmai, Thailand
25th - 28th November 2019

Conference On-line Registration closes at midnight Thailand Standard Time (GMT+7) on the 10 November 2019.

I agree about the collection and use of personal information

As part of the conference organization process for the 7th Asian Zoo Educators Conference 2019, Thailand, and the secretariat will collect and make use of personal identifying information in accordance with the privacy policy set out hereunder.

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Collected information will be used solely for the purposes related to the organization of the above events, in particular for the identification of event participants and the pass issuance.

2. Items of personal information

Name, Affiliation, Nationality, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Information (Email, phone, address)

3. Periods for retaining and using the collected personal information

In principle, collected personal information will be deleted after two months from the completion of the event.

4. Provision and release of personal information

None of the information provided by the registrants shall be used for any other purposes than those stipulated above and will not be released to any other users.

5. Freedom of choice

You are free to refuse provide us with your personal information, in which case however, we will be unable to register you for attending an event.

6. In case of change of privacy policy

Prior written permission shall be obtained in the event of a change of the above private policy.

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